All travelers are protected, a SpiceJet representative has said

New Delhi: A SpiceJet airplane traveling to Jabalpur got back to Delhi air terminal earlier today after the team saw smoke in the lodge, news organization ANI has detailed.

The flight was at an elevation of 5,000 feet when the team saw smoke in the lodge.

A SpiceJet airplane working from Delhi to Jabalpur returned securely to the Delhi air terminal today morning after the group saw smoke in the lodge while passing 5000ft; travelers securely landed,” a SpiceJet representative expressed, as per ANI.

A visual tweeted by the news organization showed a smoke filled lodge. Visuals likewise showed travelers leaving the airplane after its re-visitation of Delhi.

This is the subsequent crisis arriving for a SpiceJet trip in 15 days. On June 19, a Delhi-bound airplane, with 185 travelers ready, made a crisis arrival in Patna just after take-off as its left motor burst into flames following a bird hit.

All travelers were securely cleared, authorities said.