A big part of 2022 has gone by, and Zomato took to Twitter to ask their devotees how they would sum up the year with food. Investigate the comical reactions!


Twitter clients were approached to sum up their 2022 such a long ways in a tweetThe tweet has numerous humorous reactions from usersTake a gander at the dishes that foodies picked here

The long stretch of July has started, carrying with it the storm showers and numerous merriments and festivities. Nonetheless, this additionally implies that portion of the year 2022 has previously passed us! We are currently in the last part of 2022, and this was all in all a shock for some individuals on the web. The inclination that the time has elapsed so rapidly is yet to soak in.

The acknowledgment unfolded upon Twitter clients after food aggregator application Zomato posted a similar on their Twitter handle. They provoked foodies to contrast the half-year 2022 and a dish. “If the principal half of 2022 was a dish, what might it be,” they asked on Twitter. Investigate:

A great deal of foodies poured in their remarks to Zomato’s brief. Many individuals utilized funny correlations with depict how the primary portion of 2022 had been for them. “Red velvet cake – looks delectable preferences horrendous,” remarked one client. “[I] Can contrast specific minutes with Gulab jamun however the end is generally raita,” snickered another. Not all reactions were disappointed however – some had a positive twist to it. “Pani puri, on the grounds that khatam hui aur pata bhi nahi chala.”

Investigate the clever foodie reactions on Twitter:

Zomato’s Twitter handle is known to share different clever and appealing presents related on food. On the event of Father’s Day, they had shared a preview of a dad’s organization history that was without a doubt very proper for the event. Investigate:

In May 2022, they had shared a tweet that made clients massively nostalgic. “”Life was great when the main cutoff time we had was 3 seeti [whistle] mein cooker band karna [Turn off the gas after three whistles],” Zomato wrote in their tweet.