Muralee Krishna S, District and Sessions Judge, Manjeri, will be the new District and Sessions judge, Kozhikode.

Kochi: Kozhikode District and Sessions judge S Krishnakumar, who had mentioned questionable objective facts in his orders while conceding bail to a charged in two lewd behavior cases, has been moved as Presiding Officer of Labor Court in Kollam.

As per the exchange request gave by the Kerala High Court, Muralee Krishna S, District and Sessions Judge, Manjeri, will be the new District and Sessions judge, Kozhikode.

In the legal executive exchange and posting requests of District and Sessions passes judgment on gave by the high court late on Tuesday, as a component of its normal regulatory undertakings, has moved two different appointed authorities too.

Judge Krishnakumar’s perceptions in regards to survivors in his two orders on the expectant bail requests moved by blamed ‘Municipal’ Chandran, who is likewise an essayist and social extremist, in two lewd behavior cases had worked up a cross country debate.

The Kerala government has moved the High Court looking to save the meetings court orders conceding bail to ‘Municipal’ Chandran in lewd behavior arguments against him.

Restricting the meetings court request conceding bail to Mr Chandran for a situation of physically mishandling a Dalit lady, the state government has battled that the judgment of the lower court “experiences illicitness and manifest blunders” justifying its mediation.

While conceding bail to Mr Chandran for the situation, judge Krishnakumar, in his request dated August 2, had seen that the blamed is a reformist, and against the rank framework and it is profoundly mind blowing that he will contact the body of the casualty completely realizing that she has a place with the Scheduled Caste (SC).

The appointed authority had likewise mentioned disputable objective facts about the dressing of the survivor while conceding bail to Mr Chandran in the bail application moved by Chandran in one more instance of lewd behavior against him.

In its August 12 request, the court had seen that the photo of the complainant, created by the blamed alongside the bail application, would make sense of that she “herself is presenting to dresses which are having some sexual provocative one and it is difficult to accept that a man matured 74 and truly crippled can powerfully put the complainant on his lap and physically press her bosom.”


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