Broadcom made a bid to purchase Qualcomm for $103 billion (generally Rs. 7,99,752 crore) in November 2017, which was removed in February 2018.

Broadcom on Thursday took its greatest and boldest action to expand its business, with a $61 billion (generally Rs. 4,73,639 crore) offer for VMware.

Purchasing VMware would be Broadcom’s most aggressive endeavor at an arrangement since its work to purchase Qualcomm for $103 billion (generally Rs. 7,99,752 crore) bombed in 2018.

The following is a timetable of Broadcom’s significant arrangements under its Chief Executive Hock Tan:

May 26, 2022

Broadcom consents to purchase distributed computing organization VMware in a $61 billion (generally Rs. 4,73,639 crore) money and-stock arrangement; uncovers $32 billion (generally Rs. 2,48,466 crore) in financing responsibilities for the arrangement.

August 2019

Broadcom consents to purchase Symantec venture security business for $10.7 billion (generally Rs. 83,081 crore) in real money.

July 11, 2018

Broadcom says it will get US business programming organization CA for $18.9 billion (generally Rs. 1,46,750), wandering a long ways past its domain of semiconductors.

November 6, 2017

Broadcom makes a spontaneous $103 billion (generally Rs. 7,99,752 crore) bid for Qualcomm, making way for a takeover fight that could reshape the business at the core of cell phone equipment.

In February 2018 Broadcom pulls out its offered to secure Qualcomm, two days after US President Donald Trump impeded the endeavor.

November 2, 2016

Broadcom says it will purchase network gear producer Brocade Communications Systems for $5.5 billion (generally Rs. 42,705 crore) in real money, to grow its fiber channel and capacity organizations.

May 28, 2015

Avago Technologies consents to purchase Broadcom Corp for $37 billion (generally Rs. 2,87,289 crore) in the biggest consolidation of chipmakers of all time. After the takeover, Avago changes its name to Broadcom.

February 2015

Avago says it will purchase Emulex Corp for $764 million (generally RS. 5,932 crore), in a bid to expand Broadcom’s presence away organizations into fiber channel innovation.

December 2013

Avago says it will purchase LSI Corp for $6.6 billion (generally Rs. 51,246 crore), as it goes to the quickly developing capacity chip market to counter unpredictability in its super remote business.

April 2013

Avago says it will purchase optical chip and part producer CyOptics Inc for about $400 million (generally Rs. 3,105 crore) in real money.